'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

fix it

just finally got fixed my motor vehicle's left front headlight assembly & surrounding area. more than half the time i've had this vehicle i've been mentally compensating for the fact that no one in front could see my left turn signal.

sure, one of these days it might have turned out to be mildly amusing, my thinking i might possibly be mildly amusing someone else when i roll down the window & stick my arm out to signal by pointing, like a bicyclist, and then tink-tonk flash my finger in a digital imitation of blinking. but it hasn't managed to tickle me yet, sad truth.

so might as well go ahead & fix it, if you've got an it. i know it doesn't follow like things follow by rules of symbolic logic, but i'm saying it anyway. cuz really. enough of broken already.

dude threw in a foglight bulb, too. foglightbulb. fog lightbulb. foglight lightbulb.

i'm quite ready for a break from all these words and words and words, brothers & sisters.

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