'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,


well, it's maybe not exactly mid-. beginning to be late-cohab. i've had my temporary housemate long enough to have caught myself more than once laughing at earlier anxieties.

i mean, e.g., if she thinks i'm a complete asshole, she's not letting on. :)

it's been news to me in recent years to see how much space/sway/influence anxiety has in my life. i tend to assume that's because i've always been anxious & have just become better able to perceive it, or label it that way, but it's also possible i've been more anxious in recent years, at least in some ways. i certainly feel as if i've had to face---or just have faced, or started to face---fears i'd never faced before (or had to), or fears that i've tried before to face but not really, y'know, like, dug facing, to say the least.

was just talking to that cohabitant a little about my family of origin.

(look, i'm sparing you that.)

dang, it's late again. it's been late a lot lately. must be going around.

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