'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

shiver me timbers

it's the night of the 4th of july & i'm shutting windows against the cold.

and it's past midnight, so happy birthday, disclaimerwill! =|:=] =| <-- i have a top hat on and i'm carrying a cake. and my nose is just an opening, so perhaps i'm a skull.

power was out for a day and a half. i was so jarred & excited when it came on last night at 2:45 in the morning & i was finally going to be able to sleep (CPAP) that i couldn't go right to sleep. so i got online for a few, touching base with the world of electricity, which, bang, i'd get up today and be right back in.

but the candles in popcorn are still on the dining room table, where i was sitting right before the lights came on, reading, by flame, the journal i'd finally filled up just a few days before, after 4 years of scribbling. next journal: (a) better handwriting; (b) more time with favorite characters; (c) i'll think of something. something about tone. which, by the way, gets wildly inconsistent when garnered from almost random snippets of days here & there over the course of four crazy years.

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