'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

if you can't enjoy that

Hey, BFD, check it:

  .mp3:   "Dream a Little Dream of Me"   --   Ella & the Count Basie Orchestra, 1963

Certain of the associations I have with the night my mother died should, and I think can, be broken.

Loved that the lights went out last night. On top of the big storm. Time out of joint, and then some. Candles steadied in popcorn. The comedy of errors of trying to get it together to get out to the car & charge the cell phone & convey to the people how to make it to us with the egg foo young et al. Dark dark outside. Sure sounded good, the other Mamas & Papas, phrase by phrase. Music without electricity.

Ended up being a pretty decent birthday.

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