'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

suspended, sans suspense

Now that I've had a bit of conversation with my next-door neighbor, it's no longer a no-human-contact weekend. But I had one going there. Didn't set out to do it, consciously. Didn't set out not to. There was no setting out.

Time was, not so long ago, I diligently took care to avoid such a thing. Now, here, today, it's just quiet, and not especially lonesome. And I'm getting lots of laundry done. Yet I do reckon it's good they're not all like this.

Gonna comb out my hair in a minute & run by the library & the hardware store & maybe the grocer's. Likely I'll have some conversation during that business, if not much, and probably nothing deeper than which aisle offers the vinyl strips for repairing a window screen.

Once, for an ASL class, I had an assignment to have a silent weekend. We were supposed to go about our days without speaking. We didn't have to pretend we couldn't hear & understand; we were just not to speak---could write notes & gesticulate, and like that. I was expecting a weekend visitor, with whom I was involved at the time, and initially I thought that would be kind of a bummer. But then I got to thinking it could be hot. Maybe really hot.... My visitor didn't see it that way, however, I fear. "Are words so much a part of my appeal?" I thought, among other things.

Reminds me a little of the hot (or not?) story of one of you readers, whom I won't out about it, who had an entirely wordless encounter with one fella. During the hippie days. Sure sounded hot at the time to those of us who heard the tale. They spoke not a word but went straight to their work. Or play? Activity? No, not "activity." Some other word.

Let's poll the audience again. But about something else.

Poll #1209091 vitamins?

Do you take vitamins?

yes, daily, or at least more days than not
sometimes, sporadically, or in streaks of days
i eat with such righteous vigilance that i need not supplement

Maybe I do need to talk to some people. I typed "viligence" & had to stare at it for a long time to figure out what was wrong. But then again, so what?

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