'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

ya'll and the hash browns

what's up with that? seems midwest-y to me. but i'd have clicked hippie hash myself, if i'd thought to include it.

also, the croissant wins the bread question?? that was a surprise.

- + - + -

was talking to co-worker today about the 5th chakra, i think it is. at the throat. about problems there, blockage, etc. thinking now that the 5th cervical vertebra's the one of mine that's supposedly deteriorated a bit, so maybe i'm confused with that & have the number wrong. forgive me not looking it up. i'll know soon, as she's gonna xerox a page for me out of this doctor's book about chakras. the one in question's the thyroid chakra, among other things.

i told her about my pal's tale of getting rolfed and how she broke out weeping when the dude worked on her upper chest and neck area. and that he'd said it's not uncommon for massive emotion to flood out like that, with deep tissue work. that friend & i had talked about the aspect of being blocked there that might include not speaking up (for yourself, or otherwise), not giving voice to what's inside, censoring yourself. that way of looking at flow, that version of what might not be flowing.

in the last little while i've had a number of times i've neurotically wanted to tug at the collar of my T-shirt, and have tugged, to get it off my throat but good. can't stand wearing anything around my neck right now, either, and i like to do that, stealthily, sometimes, maybe with a sort of amulet of something or another (the bowling ball button, the foot, or w/e, or just a chain---good place to pin a locker key). what i'm saying is: of late i occasionally need reassurance i shouldn't need that i'm not being choked.

has me wondering what it might be about, that's all.

in other observations of my own (fascinating) thoughts, i'm also noticing a certain pigeonholing, compartmentalizing imperative, with one particular bit of weirdness. that one makes some sense to me, however. and doesn't seem like a bad idea, for now.

enough of that crap for the time being, though. my dinner has arrived.

Maud bless delivery.

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