'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

using that money for ...

It's kinda whack, to me, the idea that, with some particular up-for-grabs boon/"extra" money, like the $$ I just got from the feds, you're going to use it for something in particular, but it's nice to think, if I do go see Willie Nelson later this week, that it'll be with some of that money, thus giving Willie a few dollars from the IRS.

Father's Day is tomorrow. I was telling scrawlspace the other day how, after a certain point, we didn't celebrate that day in my family of origin, for the same reason that we didn't celebrate/acknowledge my father's birthday (or only my mother did): because he ordered us not to. He ordered us not to on the grounds that it would be hypocritical since we didn't really love him, or something along those lines. Can't recall how old we were when the decree went down, and we were too unsophisticated to argue about it. Or I was. Robbie may have had his own reasons not to argue, or it (also) didn't occur to him.

I'm gonna say I was at least 11 and not yet 15. I'll bet 12. No, 13. Put me down for 13.

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