'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

that took a little sleuthing

i was sitting here at the computer a minute ago, having gotten thoroughly distracted from my original mission, which was to look up the expected overnight weather to know whether to keep these windows thrown open (gonna be our first really hot one of the year tomorrow, they say), and suddenly there came from the other room the sound of breaking glass, followed immediately by that of zipping-away kitty-cat feet.

it was distinctly the sound of breaking glass. nick lowe may know it better, since he loves the sound of breaking glass, deep into the nigh-ee-ight, but i knew it well enough. this house isn't that big, but it still took me a long time to find the evidence. it was (drumroll........) in the bathtub. the remains of the canning jar there for dunking water over your head. manny, i'd bet, getting curious about that window.

really, as late-night breakings of glass go, this one's not bad: just a canning jar, no apparent injuries to any fleshy members of the household, and shards all contained within the tub.

it's expected to get down to 72F (22C), albeit with over 80% humidity.

a little sticky, if you ask me.

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