'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

back from Cleveland; "Unshackled!"

About to break open the bag of homovegetarian's favorite cheese puffs for a late supper. But I thought I'd say hi & throw ya'll a picture. More of those, and of me going on, to follow.

[bronze cleveland woman]

Ain't she something? I met her in Cleveland.

I'm pretty pooped. Despite being spiritually uplifted, as I usually am, by happening upon a whole episode of "Unshackled!" on the drive home. Episode #2800-something, I think the narrator guy said it was. T**** A***czyk & I were very amused by this radio drama back in college, and it seemed anachronistic (in the throw-back way) even then. Is Paul Harvey still on the radio too? Amazing how long some things continue.

"Unshackled!" tells, in detail & with cheesy hamming it up in a gee-gosh "innocent" sort of tone, the story of the pre-saved portion of the life of some sucker who had it really bad with the sin thing until finding Jesus. They have an organ for ultra-dramatic old-style flourishes. To set the stage for how faboo the salvation is, they can really get into the muck sometimes. It's not entirely unlike Jerry Springer, though through a completely different lens. Plus they go back to the sinner's childhood to see where it all got started. Funny how often it's good God-fearing people who were raising that increasingly hapless child, who somehow got away from The Way and The Light. Listening can leave me feeling appreciative that I'm not the bottomer-out of the day, either when the sh*t's hitting the f*n OR after the miracle of God's Love, facing potentially years of squeezing everything into that blesséd Christian vision/version of life.

Today it was a multiply-divorced drug-dealing negligent father who, poor guy, had to quit his rock band and get a haircut to attempt to look more responsible & maybe get a lighter prison sentence, and then the Lord had the judge knock it down from 2 years to 6 months' work release cuz the guy's parents, whom he'd initially been disappointed hadn't shown for his trial, turned out to have missed it cuz they were at home on their knees praying for him. The show didn't completely spell it out, but clearly his thus having gotten that haircut unnecessarily was an especially zinging punishment from God for the sinning. Almost as bad as how, as a teenager, he'd fallen in with those guys who were having sex with girls, leading him to do the same thing.

Hey, look---you can listen to "Unshackled!" online. And they even point you to the juiciest ones: "Please Note: Parental guidance is suggested for programs with BOLD titles."

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