'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

"Comes a time."  -- Neil Young

There comes a time in every life when a person really needs to be taken aside and told, by someone who loves her, that she's really got to get something through her head. Something that she knows, but just isn't acting on. Maybe even something she's been telling herself for practically forever. And sometimes there's really no one to tell her but her herself.

That's why, Lisa, I really want you to think about these two words I'm about to say to you. I want you to hear them, to take them in, and to do something about them at your first available opportunity. So you really need to listen now, Lisa. When you hear them, you're going to know what I mean, and you're going to know I'm right; please don't resist. Okay. Do I have your attention? Lisa? Alright. Here they come. I'll split 'em up to make it easier for you to absorb each fully. First word: bird. Second word: seed.

The two words together, to recap: bird seed.

Like the song says, comes a time.
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