'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Saturday strangers, etc.

There was a guy stuck at the Citgo. I offered to jump him; we tried but it didn't take. Then at the dirt store there was a lying selfish bastard, and a woman who responded so well to my dealing with him, and then her, that it went a long way toward making up for the jerk. Then there were some more regular-nothing encounters at Ace Barnes East.

Forgot bird seed. Hey, Lisa: get bird seed.

Today I paid over $4 a gallon for gas for the first time. Last night I paid $10 for a movie for the first time. The running gag was that no one could remember what it was Indiana Jones and. So we filled in with old-guy jokes.

The movie wasn't too bad. The percentage of bullets fired that actually hit anybody was less than either of my cats would get playing Galaga. (Galaga tells you your percentage of hits at the end of the game.) I was a little impatient with the getting on with it, now & then, when it felt like it was going through the motions with the figurings-out & such. But I got a good laugh with my complaint in the parking lot afterwards that one part "wasn't very realistic." Plus I like going out on Friday night. Cuz of then having gone out on Friday night. And, lo, it's as if the weekend's been underway in earnest for a good bit already now.

The afternoon air coming in the windows right now would go really well with a nap. But if I take off my boots and put on the CPAP mask, next thing I know it'll be twilight. And I don't want that just yet.
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