'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

long weekend. good. tired.

after a flurry of me with me and here, i've been in company for days. sometimes it's been so easy, though much of the company's been new to me, that i'd seem to forget it's unusual to be in company like that, like that.

some of the new faces have been real friendly faces. eyes looking right at me, seeming to give me the benefit of the doubt. so what if many are fleeting. everything is fleeting.

the dissertation defense i attended friday, i've told a few folks, had an air of people discussing the terms with which they're discussing the terms with which they're discussing their subject of discussion. it's sorta crazy if you think about it (and it's all about thinking about it), yet it was comforting, to me. i don't know how to explain it, but feeling that that was such a part of what was going on was like some version of my naked infant vulnerability being wrapped up in a brand-new furry-soft fleece blanket within the warm, cradling arms of Home.

like safe, for the moment.

i'm not sayin' i'd feel that way if i'd been the one doing the Ph.D. it was striking, though, that sensation.

homovegetarian was in town & stayed with me. i liked that. one morning she had breakfast almost ready when i got up. the next she texted me in my bed from hers, and we exchanged a few that way. she is an odd bird, and i am an odd bird, and when we are together it's such old news what odd birds we are (given to be) that we just are, odd, given. there's a kind of comfort in that, too.

out at the street now---along with 4 cans, 6 bags, and 2 bundles of compostables---are the fullest city trash can i've set out yet, a regular recycling thing of containers, and two bundles of cardboard in addition to the stuffed-full recycling thing of paper products. if my ex- ever shows up wanting the box her Cuisinart came in, she's shit outta luck now. more to the point, that stuff's done for the night, and the cats have a clean litter box, and i'm not doing any more dishes until, i'm thinkin', wednesday. at least. so i'm set for now, shoes off, in for the night. might well hit the hay before midnight.

tomorrow it's back to work, and also gathering signatures to get this guy's name on the ballot for the circuit court in the event that there's an opening on accounta this other guy on the circuit court is the chosen one of four finalists for the presidency at EMU.

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