'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

getting going

Had a good yesterday off. Got virtually no chores done. Spent some time just with men. Liked that.

Today (another day off) is off to a slow start. I was just typing about how I'm trying to concentrate on the "how nice" part of a slow-starting day, vs. what I haven't accomplished. Apart from the accomplishment of indulging in a mostly lazy morning. Then Humphrey turned off the computer. Can you make out the cats in this shot, from a few minutes before that? That's how he does it. Unplugs the power cable from the CPU dome. With a stretch, or a roll, or a shift of position, or a bath-fest or a wrestle with Manny.

[cats on desk]

My new default icon, by the way, is from the menu options in the version of Excel our office network upgraded to most recently. I haven't yet clicked to pull down the sub-menu specifics on offer. Until I do that, I can imagine it providing all sorts of pleasing possibilities of postulations for prognostication.

"What If," too, I realize just now, was a game the boys I used to hang out with played. What if you had to sleep with x or y---which one? If you could sleep with z, would you? You're telling me you would throw Cher out of bed? There she is, here are some details of how she is there, ... Maybe throw in Cher begging for it. But, no, our guy stands strong. And our other guy refuses to believe him. And they're maybe never more together than they are when they settle happily in this sort of smiling staunch opposition.

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