'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

leaving the office for the week

taxes done. town bypassed by stormiest of storm front (tornado watch). odd light outside the windows, though, and dramatically different clouds, vs. this afternoon's. big temperature drop. might be enough different to give me some of that thing when the weather makes me feel especially alive.

this morning after humphrey was calm at the vet and they didn't have to anesthetize him to do their unpleasantry, i told the doc that i was glad, among other things, that they weren't going to have to slap the "fractious" label on him, on his folder, to warn anyone dealing with him in the future that he's an ornery one, so everyone would have their guard up from the git-go, and know to keep their distance.

at some point in his later (more fractious) years, chester had that label on his folder, on him. when i found that out, i had a decided urge to object. to defend him. explain. register somewhere some recognition of his other qualities as well. and say it didn't matter, i loved him.

but there's no arguing it doesn't suck to be bitten.

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