'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

car?? my head's a-spinnin'

Well H. and I slept in too late to make it out to Kalamazoo and back (that's where there's a lovely little sporty, low-milage pickup for just under $7000). Now we're looking at a cheap Taurus wagon---a little too cheap, somehow, for its age, even with the high mileage. It clearly has an alignment problem, but the dude with the little lot of used cars is also a mechanic, and he is supposedly getting after it right now.

I'm wondering if he truly could have not noticed its major listing to the left. Of course, Holly didn't, but she's not terribly sensitive to that sort of thing. She's actually kind of insensitive about a lot of stuff---she could sit on not just the pea (of the Princess And The) but, well, a pair of scissors, a tape dispenser, a porcupine---quite a lot of uncomfortable stuff---and not notice.

So maybe we'll get a cheap high mileage wagon.

But I think I'm off now to drive another pickup. It's bright green---almost lime. That's worth something right there.

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