'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

rainy Thursday night. with fictional lesbians.

back to the vet in the morn. hope it goes a little better this time & humpheratu makes it through without sinking his fangs into flesh.

watched the last 3 "L Word"s tonight, from this the penultimate season. many thanks, kohkae! a couple of weeks ago now i had a postcard to you & B written and ready to go, thanking you for the previous disc, but then i realized i'd said a little on it about ya'll's relationship, and so thought better of sending it, just in case your postal carrier isn't someone you want reading about such stuff. and they do read postcards, you know. some of 'em. and fair game & all, i say. even if it can lead to, for instance, somebody confusing my mother in the grocery store by asking her how things are going for me in stewardess school.

so, too bad they didn't follow through a bit more with the pam-grier's-got-a-gun plot. all foxy/jackie brown. coffy. big girls in the big house, or whatever. at least she was driving the right car. i was enjoying that so much, the fizzling out was a disappointment, though i suppose not wanting, oh, LITTLE BABIES to GET SHOT is a reason to curtail the gun fun. i did like how kit shakes it on the dance floor after/during the revenge on the notorious dawn denbo. i rewound to get me a second look at that.

(if you're a local lacking showtime & ready for this latest season, and you'd like to borrow the discs, let me know.)
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