'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,


my kitty bit me. pretty good.

they were quick at the e.r., though. (you haveta go cuzza virulent cat spit.) they have complimentary valet parking at the e.r. it was weird to be getting valet parked like that.

today was a lousy day for my hand and for my finances. and sort of in other ways too, and sort of not. trying not to get down about the email i just sent. on the Spike Lee Scale (of Doing the Right Thing) it was up there, i think.

was it derangingsusana who pointed us to that study of how we (people) hate to close doors, when doors represent options, even when it's fairly obviously not in our interest? some clicky quiz in a NY Times article about the psychology, i think from that book Predictably Irrational, or w/e it's called? i got in line for that one with the library.

okay, next i'm gonna post the poem i was gonna post before things kinda got away from me today. then a take-it-easy night, and tomorrow will come tomorrow.
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