'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

The line-up of shorts at the film fest opening night was good.

My favorite was the crowd-pleaser "Yours Truly" (a.k.a. "Head Over Heels") by Osbert Parker. It's a stop-action noir thriller, using bits of old movies for images/characters to animate, along with other stuff---sorta like you can see in this .mov clip of an earlier one of his, "Film Noir," but to greater advantage, with rain, and car chases in the street, and laughs. (You can also get an idea of how good/fun he is with a soundtrack at that linked snippet.)

More movies later in the week. Tonight: homebody. Salad leftovers awaiting me, to go with something I'll concoct (or defrost).

Maybe just peanut butter on toasted English muffin. That sounds real good just now. And maybe a beer! Yes, yes. I hardly ever think of beer. Pretty sure there's a cold one of these in the fridge door:
[pic, Rolling Rock]
But, you know, unopened. And full. Of beer.

Pondering peanut butter was reminding me of a sandwich on a menu I'd recently perused, but I couldn't remember for a minute where it was, or even whether it was in a dream. I like the idea of reading menus in my dreams. But now I recall that it was a menu posted on the front window of the Jefferson Market, which is reopening soon.

I'm super-foggy. About time to get the heck outta the office.

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