'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

pretty, foggy night

stopped at a friend's tonight for a bit. saw my old friend al there. it'd been a while. he was pretty sweet to me. and i've missed him, sometimes.

talked to another friend about mother love, and what can be lacking there, and what that can mean.

sorta mildly pulled something tonight, i do believe. muscular. hoping it'll work itself out. i'm going to go with the treatment of sitting in an office chair for half my waking hours for a few days in a row. hahaha.

there was a woman at the gym who made me think i should come home & do a post called "don't talk to strangers" or "where's the nice police when you need 'em?" or one of several other titles i came up with. she fell in to walking with me. she and the fresh baby she just bought from china two weeks ago. her talk got worse and worse as it went on until i was almost laughing out loud, except that that poor baby is gonna come up in that woman's household. i won't even regale you. why turn your stomachs, too.

i oughta hit the hay. i could probably use a good night's sleep. the work of being me has been kind of a lot of work, off and on, lately. been blowing off some of it, too, cuz i've just needed to. like the laundry. and that ain't all. but i'm sure it'd be worse if i were blowing off some of what i'm hanging in there on.

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