'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

this and that

back from the luncheon at the exec ed's condo clubhouse. he didn't give a speech this time telling us about people out there in the world who've told him how much MathSciNet means to them & their work. (it's a kind of pep talk he does sometimes that seems minor at the time but can come back to remind some of us how it is that what we do in our old brewery building isn't entirely meaningless.) but norman led the group in singing pi songs. and he recited some pi poetry.

it's pi day, for those of you not keeping track of your mathy holidays.

larry flynt's coming to the ann arbor film fest. they're screening a documentary about him. lotsa material for such a film, you gotta figure. did you know this?:

Flynt exposed the administration’s staged rescue of Army Private Jessica Lynch---choosing not to publish naked photographs taken of the 19-year-old, which Flynt felt would add to her victimization.

i missed, or have forgotten, that he had anything to do with that story.

'course it doesn't get replayed in big media much.

going to meet up with schroederjt for some of the Women of the World Poetry Slam. pretty psyched about it. i haven't managed to get myself out to partake of the slam world. atleastdefiant & i talked about it a couple of times when she still lived up here. it had seemed to me it would have been so much fun with her; thinking of it after she moved has just made me kinda "aw, rats, i wish we'd done that."

no doubt j will be a most enthusiastic & fer-real presence, though. she's emceeing one of the preliminary rounds tonight.

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