'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

sounds good to me now, too

One day, 20+ years ago, I heard a song on HFS, the then-alternative radio station we could sometimes pick up from across the Bay, if the weather was right, in my little college town. Loved the song, got all excited. Didn't know who did it or what it was called. But told people about it & tried to sing it for them. Other people liked it. Nobody knew who did it. LTM & I covered it, from memory only, and that version of my recollection of it appeared on the first album-length Us Guys release (cassette).

A few years ago I thought to look it up & found out it was by Negativland, and out of print. I debated procuring it by the eBay route, then forgot about it. A few minutes ago I recalled the song again when our cassette liner notes appeared on my screensaver.

Us Guys liner notes.

Seems the Negativland l.p. has recently been rereleased.

As I've said before, I've lived to see a marvelous future in which I can do something like sit at my desk & think about something like that & two minutes later be hearing that song again. It shouldn't really be amazing, but it amazes me.

The song is sorta pretty, as well as pleasingly straightforward in its deadpan silliness.

  .mp3  -->  "Four Fingers" — Negativland

[If you want to hear the Us Guys version, email or comment to that effect & I'll hook you up.]

It's been a long, long week. I float now, late Friday afternoon, wearily giddy, as if recently in some shock that's not fully worn off.

And I am a man, a man with four fingers.

Gonna wrap it up at the office in a few & head out & have a weekend.

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