'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Oscar round-up, plus Robbie's receiver

Sweet that the Coens cleaned up for No Country.

Here are some additional awards I'm giving.

Most Subtextually Heavy Strictly Business by a Presenter: Owen Wilson

Best Presenter into Whose Arms to Throw Yourself With Emotion, Whether or Not You've Just Won Best Actress for Portraying Edith Piaf: Forest Whitaker

Sexiest Acceptance Speech Mentioning Mom: Javier Bardem

Sexiest Acceptance Speech Not Doing So (while also being Smart & Funny While Serious): Tilda Swinton

= - + - =

My brother just emailed me the link to his eBay listing for ALLTIME FLAGSHIP YAMAHA CR-3020 MINT W/BOXES & MANUALS (a stereo receiver). Check that crazy item descrip. I was just talking today of how I didn't know until recently that he tended toward the obsessive-compulsive. How could it not have dawned on me years ago? I'll say this, though---you just know he's kept that receiver just so. Like the meticulous librarian who last owned this house, not the worst person from whom to buy something it's nice to find has been well cared for.

But, you know, kinda crazy.
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