'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

sunday, sunday

Sunday afternoon, home from watching the UM Marching Band. They were playing in Crisler Arena, so there wasn't much marching, but it was good to hear 'em anyway.

Never did write here about the sleep study. I may have to go back, and I think I'm avoiding detailing the experience cuz it was such a pain in several ways---not the least of which was all the gunk I had a helluva time getting of my hair in the morning. Ouch. Lost more hairs that day than I do in a year, I reckon (and LaMont, hair God that he is, tells me you lose hundreds every day) (and I believe him).

New user pic is me poolside as a tyke. A tyke dyke! Or dyke tyke! oh, I rather like that. I like dyke tyke, Mike.

Holiday time approacheth; H. and I plan to go to her folks' for the Holy Day Proper, then come back here briefly before jaunting to Md. for New Year's. New Year's is really supposed to be kind of our anniversary, chosen because (1) we usually get that day off and (2) you have to pick some day, but we've often spent it on the road. Usually coming back from Maryland, stopping in Virginia w/L.A. & L. (We like stopping with them muchly.) This year that's the day of alterna-Xmas at Robbie's, though, so there we'll be.

Gotta rent a car. With heat.

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