'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

underdogs still in it

or they were before i came into this room.

anybody see that commericial with the oboe player? that was pretty good. and it wasn't all about how to be a man or manly or what men do or look somebody manly.

okay it was a little bit look somebody manly.

it's been a struggle to get a picture. fox comes in better on the north side of town. channel 2 (detroit), anyway. after the TV's warmed up about an hour, you might have a good shot at fox toledo, but only if the weather's right. which is isn't tonight.

so watching has meant sitting a foot in front of the tube with my overpriced Whole Paycheck tortilla chips and my throw-together bean dip. and while manfred thought this arrangement very interesting, offering repeatedly to adjust the antenna, it gets a little old.

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