'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

sick. uck.

can't use cpap. kinda on the miserable side.

thanks for your nice comments, you guys who commented nice. i'm doing no extraordinarily opened-eyed coping with my mind & heart & circumstances so far, though. just trying to outlast this bug.

hey, O, am i right that there's a certain sense of community at hot yoga? meant to ask you that.

i did get out of the house briefly yesterday to return some library stuff. stopped at CVS afterwards for kleenex and fingernail polish. yeah, you read right.

did you know that among the extra things (they tote that) they put in fingernail polish (to help the nails grow and be strong & healthy, in their deadness) are nylon, vitamins, aloe, and soy protein? and i didn't even read all of them. also you can spend the better part of a twenty on one little bottle of polish, if you want to.

i feel crappy, and i'm getting tired of it. my glands are wicked swollen; my eyeballs hurt. whine, whine. i had been afraid i might accidentally go in to work today, which we have off. turns out i wouldn't have gone in even if we didn't.

warner bros cartoons on the big screen at the michigan, all you locals who don't feel like crap. starts at 1:30, though, so you'd have to book.

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