'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,


dennis was shut out of that debate after all. the hammer came down an hour before broadcast time.

he did get over 20,000 votes in michigan. 4%. in this county, almost 10%.

and dailykos & co can be happy, as romney lives to attack another day.

my .plan today (well, the first one) (just changed it to talk of the latest note posted in the ladies' room):

I dreamed I was out on the town (not this town) (some small town whose
streets I knew well) and ran into an ex-lover. A little later she & I
are shooting pool, and who walks in but an ex-friend, who asks me to
dance. I can't say no. It's a waltz, and it transmogrifies into
another waltz. The first song, a Beatles song, is too hokey to
mention by name (though I didn't cognize what it was until I woke up);
the song it segued into was the theme from the TV show "The Odd
Couple," in 3/4 time. Or 6/8, or whatever.

I didn't think about any poetic significance of that song, either,
while I was still asleep. Just that the waltz had gotten a little

The ex-friend couldn't get the rhythm at first, when we stepped to
each other to dance. Definitely needed me to lead. Which is very
much like that friendship was. The "floor" had cleared---that is,
there was a big peopleless space in the middle of the peopled bar, and
we moved about in it. I *was* aware, during the dream, that that was
hokey & trite, the big space with the two dancing as others looked on.

When I looked back toward the pool table, to shrug as if to say "What
can I do? I had to take this dance," my ex- was looking none too
pleased about it. She leaned against the side of the table & gave me
one of those looks.

This morning I'm still kind of waiting to pay for it.

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