'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Sunday night. Still have one dog walk to go, so haven't yet taken off my boots.

Watched an odd little movie tonight. About suicides off of the Golden Gate Bridge. Plus queer. Quiet. Don't know if you could say "stylized"--- if you did, it might give the misimpression of gimmickry, which it avoids. But it uses unusual cinematic style. I liked it. Gorgeous to look at. If you love San Francisco, you should see it just for that. The narration/voiceover in the first part, butch dyke diary excerpts, is particularly good stuff. How its touching on intimacy and fear and desire (and drive/hunger/ache related thereto) connects to the suicide theme that's to come, it's left to us to feel, figure out. And that's especially nice.

(Now available on DVD, and Netflix has it.)

Had a date w/Dennis K. last night. So did about 200 other people. He was good. He talked about international relations and interpersonal relations, and violence & nonviolence & compassion in both. He told us a little of his family of origin, discussed in his recent memoir. ("When you grow up like I did, where there's constant chaos and fighting, you learn to love peace," he told Publisher's Weekly, "and you also learn that the conflicts we have in our lives aren't inevitable, it's not that we're made that way.") He spoke of envisioning a societal version of punctuated equilibrium, a phenomenon in evolutionary biology that has been borrowed as a model in policy studies. We can change, he says, and we can change dramatically in a sudden spiral upward.

I keep forgetting to tell people that he used to be a copy editor. That right there speaks to his character, no?
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