'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

T'sgiving and the Day After

It's kind of pleasant here at work the day after T'sgiving---esp. as 3 of us (the few, the proud) went out for a leisurely Pizza House lunch. Now it's a little hard to motivate for the afternoon, though.


T'sgiving picture

It was a fun meal---the menu included

martinis, gin & tonics

homemade potato chips w/Stilton dip
bacon-wrapped pineapple
Holly's sweet/spicy party almonds
parmesan breadsticks

salad of grapefruit & red onion, w/pomegranate wedge

carrot soup w/fresh thyme, leek, and gruyere crouton

turkey w/wild rice stuffing & gravy
roasted winter vegetables
mashed potatoes
bread stuffing w/wild mushrooms (vegan)
turnip galette
green beans w/walnuts

pear custardy "turnover"
apple custardy "turnover"
cranberry tart
NY cheesecake (plain and pumpkin-choc. chip)


A couple of guests had a little much to drink, but it was a pretty good time. I dig going to the mod ranch house out in hills of the wealthy, across the river. LaMont throws a good shindig.
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