'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

p.s. my DVD player died

i can play 'em on this computer, at least. dunno how long i'll last without one, though. i pretty much never plug the antenna in & watch regular TV, such as i can pull it in. and you know i watch me some DVDs.

there was a time when i'd never have believed i'd be able to say "i don't really watch TV" for so many years of my adulthood without it also being true that i was being forced into the deprivation, and always kind of feeling it to be one. not that i didn't see that most TV is crap, and that that's true more and more, up to a point, as one ages and one's tastes develop. but it wasn't about what was on the TV so much, my being such a watcher of TV in my younger days. it was about the window to the external world. what that is to a child is different for everyone, i suppose, but i imagine there are elements in common for children whose domestic situations lack sorely in some areas, to the extent that they even kinda know it then, or would, if they stopped to think about it.

maybe Big George has a sale or something. they built a new store, the Big George people. i think they have things like DVD players. and i despise Circuit City.

found out the Apple store has indeed opened at the shopping mall here in A2. i could at least go look and see what the shiny screens are like, vs. the old/regular matte ones. BAM pointed out that, though they reflect a lot of lights in a store, there are a lot of lights in a store.

so, y'see, if i go look, then i can develop a preference, for use in the online fantasy game in which i configure my new Mac. right now i really don't know whether it has the shiny screen or not. i also don't know for sure whether it's a laptop, but i know it is maxed out for power & memory, if not for screensize, cuz i've never done that but you know after a while from experience that such a move really could make that machine viable for a good while longer into its "life." i also know that, at least in my online fantasy life, it has all kinds of software, like the professional photo manipulation stuff photographdave no doubt has on that schnazzy laptop of his. cuz, y'know, as long as i'm playing, i might as well be doing spreadsheets and editing video and blowing up bridges by remote control and whatever else it's offering to let me do in exchange for a higher integer following the dollar sign.

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