'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

should have been a good night, a.k.a. proof of my developmental disability

came home & made myself a nice little meal, and then sat down and watched a well-made, shoulda-been-pleasingly atmospheric picture about freaks that probably has all five stars from me, which doesn't happen very often. there were warm, happy cats, too. the movie wouldn't even have to do what (i know i've spoken of here before) afterhours did (or didn't do) for the first of the Charismatic Compulsive Liars I've Loved (henceforth "CCLIL"). cuz there was no month-long trough to be pulled out of. it should've just been able to be itself and provide a cinematic highlight for a lovely evening.


just as the national coalition to abolish the death penalty starts to get somewhere, i find i don't give a damn. killing each other seems like kind of a good idea. it's important to keep an open mind as you get on with life.

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