'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

what does anybody's heart have to do w/anything?

manfred man o' shevitz mandy "battleship" potemkin "hambone" jones iii seems to have detected the presence of another mouse in the house. his single-mindedness is incredible. how many times have i seen a cat in that version of rapture, for hours--- and still i can hardly believe they do it. catching the mouse isn't the impressive thing. it's the watching. hours and hours and hours of watching, waiting.

me, i watched some old "desperate housewives"es. sleepy now. so much caffeine today, and still ready to pass out. maybe it's getting to be winter or something.

need to clean the oven, bad. had to put my smoke detectors in the freezer to get 'em to shut up after the house filled with smoke while i was cooking this trader joe's pizza-like thing that's not pizza exactly & has apparently been discontinued which is a shame cuz i like pears and gorgonzola together warm on crust.

i maybe feel a little better tonight. everything still seems pointless, and i still seem to remember (and think i'd prefer) feeling there's some point to something. but the emptiness feels less horribly empty. i don't want to think about why. i suspect thinking about why might lead to more, and maybe emptier, emptiness.

empty dempty sat on a wall
empty dempty had a great fall
but empty dempty musta been on some good drugs
otherwise the onslaught of winter would be chilling empty to the core, and thus the fall would suck for empty too

the closety lesbian down the block just pulled into her driveway. wonder where she's been. she's ms. business-like. at the neighborhood picnic during the everybody-say-hi part she tried to interest us in her financial consultation services. if all lesbians were like her, i'd be a kinsey zero.
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