'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

What's your pleasure?

That's a line, of course, they use (at least in the movies) to ask what alcoholic beverage you'd like to have served up to you now. Was thinking of the line/idea today, in broader context (though I did drink me some mojitos tonight, w/outgoing academics at the new hoppin' Cuban place). Was thinking how it's a question put to you about what would be your 'druthers, if nothing were/is stopping you from getting what you want. Then you name what you want. And not what you don't want.

Had the day off work. Slept in later than I have in a long time. Over 10 hours in bed. A record for my old age, maybe, even. Had thought of working in the yard, but, though it was less chilly today, it was all drizzley rainy and overcast. And I seem to be (yet again, already) fighting off a cold. Paid bills, however. There's that.

Ran into bigfinedaddy at TJ's last night. She came back here and we played some bones and ate waffle fries. Have I asked ya'll locals if any of you are players of dominoes? If you're not, would you like to be jumped in? I spread the practice.

Now here's a link to video of Arlo doing "Alice's Restaurant," if you're looking to get in the holiday spirit.

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