'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

it's late on a friday night. i had a glass of bourbon with an old cheerleader.

he did a cheer from his days at columbia--- a cheer against princeton whose opening, itself funny, i can't remember now, as it was chased outta my head completely by said former cheerleader's rising from his seat mid-cheer to do the step to the left, the step to the right, and the big finish funky chicken.


might post some songs for ya'll tomorrow. we'll see. there seems to be more than a 10% possibility i'm gonna rise in the morning and give enough of a damn to clean the house up again. could be good news indeed, if i get up and want to do any version of that thing.

so hard, sometimes, to take the most basic care of oneself. especially if you weren't, you know, raised in that religion.

we are social animals, said one to me last night, following with a thing she'd recently been talking with someone about about how some people get good at living alone (and there sure are advantages), but how even those people have imaginary conversations with others while (we're) alone. sometimes, too, it's replaying conversations (verbatim, should you have that gift, or not).

speaking of anthropology, ---now there's a religion i could get comfortable with--- (but i digress) --- speaking of anthro, maybe you've heard how oliver sacks has a new one out. musicophilia. there's a little film on youtube (which i clicked on an ad, of all things, to see) of him talking about rhythm, and humans. i try not to presume default human uniqueness among animals, so it's pretty interestin' to hear (& believe) one of those "we're the only animal who _____" things, and ponder that.

i don't know if i can wait for that book at the library. i'm awfully far down the list. there are other little movies of oliver talking about stuff in that book at youtube, looks like, if you feel like a quick search. i might look at 'em when santa claus brings me high-speed. in my treehouse.

amusia, by the way, is not the muse of comedy (that's thalia). it's "the inability or inhibited ability of the brain to process music." doesn't sound too amusing. looks like there's something about music therapy and parkinson's, too. check it out, s. rae.

heard a rumor that marijuana is somehow an antioxidant. must look into that.

the following silly bit o' verse is not, however, about marijuana.

i got me a little smoke;
i got me a little spark---
let's keep it going, fledgling fire.
don't got me no Zippo,
and we're playing Survivor.

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