'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

caught one on my tongue

yep. coming in to work this morning. wafty pretty ones, just a few, first this year, okay they're saying it snowed the other day but i didn't see it & some who did are characterizing it as not really snow anyway more like half-rain half-sleet.

so, this drive in to work today, i'm pretty sure i had a little bit of solid not-sad. influenced, no doubt, by my being thoroughly drugged, reasonably strong coffee (in quantity) before the office, music i was liking.

creature comforts, really, is all. helping it feel a little more like we're all on our way wherever, and, as arthur kept saying the other day, coping.

click on the flake to go to the make-your-own snowflake site at which i made it:

[snowflake image]

(there's a gallery of snowflakes there, too, if you just feel like looking, not creating.)

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