'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Antonia again

Ordinarily with a movie I say is one of my favorite favorites, I've seen it at least twice. Not the case, though, until tonight, with Antonia's Line, which I just now watched for the second time, after 10 years and about 10 3/4 months. No vino; no velvet. Just the characters, and the faces, and a grandly direct tale of realism, for a picture that could be called fantasy, even without its touch, here and there, of magic.

There's no sadness in the revisitation itself, I can honestly report. The only flavor of that earlier screening lingering on my palate tonight has to do with what a blessing the film must have been as a stepping-off point.

It's cold tonight. Gotta put in some storm windows soon. Dig the space heater out to make this desk a welcoming place to sit at night. Like she sings in the Fairground Attraction song, winter won't be long. (She means it won't be long getting here, not it won't be long once it does.) (Up here, anyway, believe me: it will be long.)

Later this weekend I may place before you the story of M*** A**** C*c*r**e.

Good night, all. And good weekend.

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