'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Hey: it's not for horses. That's hay. Jesus, some people.

[pic of deck in progress]

Worked on the deck until I completely ran out of light. Was at it all day except the two prime-time hours I had to spend going to work for a meeting. Mighta had to do with the popping in part, and thus being kind of a visitor, but it was sure striking me funny, say, how many (and how rapidly) excited voices were jumping in either 1. to suggest alternatives for determining whether a certain fielded search does this one thing or 2. to give testament to whether it does so or not, in the speaker's experience, and sometimes why that might be. The copy eds can get pretty rapid-fire with such stuff. Almost made me feel sorry for the boss, at the helm of the laptop in the new fancy conference room. We are an odd lot.

I finished the entire surface of the deck, and both sets of stairs and a little pod of wood at the bottom of one, and some trim too, though not all of it. Have to try to find another window of appropriate weather in the likes of this. Tomorrow could be good, but I'm not sure my body's up for it. Today was a lot of up and down & reaching here and there & bending & squatting & lifting & crawling (including some army crawling---first time I've done that in a helluva long time) & leaning & stretching & painting motion & sorta mopping motion & cetera.

[mr bubble pic]

As a nod to prophylaxis, and in the spirit of the little project I'm undertaking of trying to take better care of myself, I took a coupla ibuprofen and ran the bath, pouring in the last of the Mr. Bubble I bought at deep discount when the Food & Drug Mart was about to close. Once I locked curious M. Shevitz out, it was quite a lovely bath. Especially cuz Judith Martin got in with me: very fun. We didn't have sex. She referred to the subject a coupla times, all witty, but I'm pretty sure she wasn't coming on to me. Girl did have me laughing, though, some of the stuff she was saying. Or, rather, how she was saying it.

Baths often remind me of visiting LA 'n' L when they lived south of Eugene, in Dexter. With chickens. Chickens L painted (on canvas, not like fans at a football game are painted). That's where I rediscovered, as an adult, the glory of the bath. They had several hanging plants over their bathtub. It was quite the atmosphere. One day I'm gonna do that myself, the houseplants over the tub. If I live long enough to get around to it.

So now to eat something and look at TV. I don't have a DVD I'm in the mood for, but there's either an episode of "House," if I decide to live with watching out of sequence, or a "Frontline" documentary about that undertaker guy who wrote that book I still haven't finished (where IS it?). I did like what I read. Maybe I'll see if PBS is coming in well tonight. Think it's more Toledo PBS weather, or Detroit?

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