'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

lazily rainy friday night

spontaneously joined 2/3 of a family tonight for a trip to the ugly furniture store. might finish my robert mitchum movie in a few minutes.

tonight feels chilly, and kinda hollow. kinda on pause, with a pause switch that operates mechanically, not electronically. or in a combo, like that funny little horizontal rod of a pause switch on my old aiwa tape deck.

how familiar that tape deck was. i can still feel the end of my forefinger on that pause switch.

after that tape deck finally died, i took it apart. said goodbye via autopsy. thought about keeping a part or two. maybe the little plastic thing with the colored rectangles where the record & playback levels registered is in a book somewhere, bookmarking nothing in particular.

hey, queen latifah's trying to say some okay kind of stuff. she's having jenny craig guilt, isn't she? anyway she misses part of her reduced breasts.

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