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loopy; moths, flames; offense; air

[pic of cover, <i>I Am A Strange Loop</i>]

I have only this week left to get back into I Am A Strange Loop. Some other user of the Ann Arbor District Library has the temerity to want a crack at it herself. I think I'll take it to the dentist's with me tomorrow, and go an hour early or somethin'. It's absorbing as all get-out. Just not so easy to read when you're not sober. Though not itself sobering! Oddly. Considering.

- -

A long time ago I overheard one deep voice frat boy type dude say to the other, "Moths to the flame, man--- moths to the flame." Probably rolled my eyes more at his actually repeating it that way than I did at the triteness of the expression. Sure has stuck in my head, though. I can still hear him. The repetition thing maybe has a point.

Heard a radio story recently about why the moths fly up and, I believe, about ways we're messing them up beyond the incandescent light thing (which is rather a dirty trick already, moths-wise-speaking).

But I was gonna make the point that I don't eschew the trite nowhere near so as I once did. Even if I feel such judgment breathing down my neck all the time. Yes, I'm tormentingly haunted by an aesthetic---isn't everybody? I'm sure you are, really. Think about it. Must say, though: even at the height of my contempt for the trite, I knew the trite is usually trite cuz it's just that freakin' good. It really stuck. It sticks. It's four seasons or times of day matching up to how soon you're pretty much certainly gonna be dead. It's like that, the way it sticks.

The moth and flame thing is so great, it's not going anywhere soon, even if frat boys forget to say it twice.

- -

Surveytime! The expression "And how's that workin' for ya?" -- snarkily offensive?

(a) yes
(b) no

I won't make it an official lj poll. Just comment your answer, and I'll tabulate the massive returns for ya'll shortly. When they stop rolling in and finally slow to a trickle.

- -

The air out there is great tonight. Might go back out in it in a minute. It's clear, and cool, but it's a little less nippy than it was these past coupla days. First night so streetlight-beautifyin' this fall, that I've been in anyhoo.

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