'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

milestonish; or, just a new season, somewhere around here, due

Went to change my color scheme, but it wasn't time after all. Soon it will be, but not now. Soon a change will be a-comin', a hard rain's a-gonna fall; it'll be time for a cool change, as said the song loved by the man my love was in love with.

To "honor" him and his love, years ago, I took up that song (which I am definitely not waiting to download & hear tonight, at dial-up speed) for litter-box-changing time. "Time for, doo-do do do/A cool litterbox change," I'd sing to Lucas & Tess, then Chet, over many a poopy box, through the years. "Don't you know that it's time/For a clean litter box? Oh, oh, oh,/Now that your box, ooh oo-oo ooohh,/NEEDS chay-angin', mm-mm-mmm,/Well you know that's it's time/For some lit-ter box re-arrayyy jih-ihh-IN'..."

So you see, you can't say I didn't give the man his props.

The thing is, it seems like this time, blog-color-wise-speaking, I should make the big switch, back to the lighter-background box for text with the darker letters, vs. the current/opposite. And the chill-out darker background--- it's hard to give it up for the harsh light of white, or near white. The eyes, my brothas and sistas. The eyes.

You don't really have to worry about seeing to the changes of the seasons so much, methinks. They sort of take care of themselves. It feels as if we have a part to play, as in "gotta get this done by winter" and/or "about time i changed these blog colors" and/or "maybe just to protect yourself you ought to switch gears here big-time, you gorgeous thing, you," but, ear-regardless, it happens on its own. Things move on for you, you don't have to help. You can, sure, if you want. And be more directive and all. But it's gonna happen anyway, don't you worry.

Just how much it's gonna take you down, if it's gonna, that's another matter.

current mood: same colors
current colors: changing not as often as the moods, believe me
current literary work thinking of:
                                                         pic of click clack cover

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