'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

some about trip, some other stuff

the new dykes to watch out for has some hot word-on-word action.

cats still going a little crazy tonight. they want some reassurance i'm going to be here a bit more. this is good. they were getting complacent.

on my kitchen counter a little bit ago:

pic of counter with stuff on it

the flowers and the basil (in a mason jar) and the pecan bars are part of the bevy of stuff/foodstuffs la sent me home with yesterday. there's more in the fridge. fresh from the garden (fresh after a 9-hour drive, anyway). swiss chard and sweet & hot peppers and tomatoes too. also shown above is my new cutting board. and visible in back is fred the cartographer's old personalized VA license plate, mailed to me when he heard i was a fan of what it says: ZEUGMA.

speaking of which, i happened to see today, via clicking on dianne wiest while IMDbing woody allen's september, that the pretension that is charlie kaufman has a movie coming out called synecdoche, new york.

i hate him for this.

investigated where it is i left off with "the L word." beginning of season 3. wearily, i arranged for the library to pull the first two discs of that year for me.

the lesbians, the lesbians... the lesbianism. the men, the mens, the menfolk, barry white, the manliness.

oh, that reminds me--- another new name for manny tonight: Mandy Potemkin. nickname: "Battleship," of course. and "Hambone." always "Hambone," everybody "Hambone"...

mandy patinkin did a duet with madonna in dick tracy (songs by steven sondheim). the old gf loved it esp much. youtube has an audra mcdonald version of the song, in medley with the best song in "merrily we roll along," the told-backwards sondheim show i was just tellng scrawlspace about today.

i think i liked the pared-down piano version of "what can you lose" in the movie better. there was harmony. and i think mandy ("88 keys") was singing it about madonna, and she about warren beatty, so, if so, that's nicely complicated, complicating. but i like a little understatement in the realization too---what's under it being so biggg already.

however, you can't really do "not a day goes by" without some big Bigggness, in my estimation. one slight lyric difference--- i remember the "hell to pay" part like this:

    But you're still somehow a part of my life
    And you won't go away
    And I have to say, if you do I'll die
    Dying day after day after day after day...

also at work today, imagined along with other imaginings, was MR: The Musical.

more musical numbers in this life, i say! as one might say "more cowbell!," or pay more than (mere) lip service to making out.

cats have now hit the wall. they're passed out. i should join them.

"good thing going" was in "merrily we roll" as well. was it a better song? am i going to have to get that record out, late on a school night? "old friends" sticks with a body, too.

how many sondheim fans are out there, i wonder. and still reading. two? if that? identify yourselves?

no guarantees i won't go on about sweeney todd sometime. fans or none.

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