'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Katherine Manny Mansfield & ol' Doug Sirk

In retrospect, it might not have been a good idea, from the perspective of scientific controls, to get Manny his rabies shot today. Made it more unclear what the subsequent barfing tonight was about. Nonetheless, the cool young vet at the emergency clinic (Sarah) has sent me home with a plan. No solid indication yet of terrible troubles from the fuscia scrunchy thread.

There were a lot of euthanasias tonight at that place. They were all up-by-their-bootstraps stiff-upper-lip, but you could see it wearing on them. Manfred, on the other hand, pleased the people. In his first ever trip "back there" with the vet folk, he was so well behaved that Becky (yeah, the one I talked to last night) was able to x-ray him by herself---her first time ever not needing help to position and still the cat at hand.

I watched a Douglas Sirk movie before and after the emergency vet. It's the one in which, for Christmas, the kids give the mother, who's given up her true-love scandalously young/not-rich Rock Hudson for their sake, a TV to keep her company---a TV being the most pitiful lonely woman thing in the world.

I tried to concentrate on the technicolor and think fondly of Far From Heaven.

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