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El Duderino, where's my car...

Watched The Big Lebowski (again) tonight. Pretty sure, as I mighta figured, it's a shoe-in for the best of the 10 "Big" movies I'm seeing in this spate.

Around about when the nihilists are in the diner ordering lingonberry pancakes, I see Manny is carrying around the scrunchy Humphrey was playing with this morning. Aw, I think. I keep watching the movie. Ten minutes later he's still carrying it, only it looks oddly dangly. I pick him up to find he's unravelled a thread from it and swallowed Maud knows how much thereof.

"oh shit, oh shit, oh shit" I start saying, steady & even, to keep calm, to focus. Maybe you know---thread in pet belly can be very very bad. I remove what comes very gently (which may have been a mistake, but...) it's, like, 10 inches plus. Pink. Fuscia-like. Much too festive a color for "oh shit" time. Very wrinkley; might not have been far down at all.

I examine the kitty. He seems fine. I find the phone book. It's the knock-off yellow pages, and I'm flipping ("oh shit oh shit") and I find the Ann Arbor Emergency Vet of Washington County. WTF? Washington County? This isn't freakin' Washington County. But it's on Packard, and Packard is right, and the number works, and soon Becky has told me all I need to know about watching him for the next 2-3 days or up to a week. Which I will do, oh indeed.

Right now he's purring and watching the cursor move across the screen, occasionally typing some letters or locking the caps. Little bugger. I'm usually ridiculously careful with thread. Holly used to get annoyed at how I'd make her take care with the stray lengths from her sewing. Even the usual scrunchies Humphrey plays with are fray-proof; don't know where this poofy pink one came from. Sure didn't see that unravelling coming (as the surprise lunatic's friend said).

So, I couldn't find my car after work. Took me more'n 15 minutes.

Now, the "Big" round-up so far (6 of 10):

The Big Clock (1948) - 3.91 stars. Despite the Xtremely hokey opening voiceover, it's good stuff. Classic, the structure, the tone. And way cool, the office building set. But too bad the protagonist hubby guy has to go through all that punishment despite not even really cheating on his wife, except for by overworking.

The Big Easy (1987) - 3.35 stars. Mostly I was thinking how Elana used to be so hot for Dennis Quaid. In this movie he looks about 16.

The Bigamist (1953) - 3.8 stars. Ida Lupino---directed by & stars in, with the (boring) Edmond O'Brien and the (even more boring) Joan Fontaine (who did have an affair with Chas Addams, anyway, I was just reading in Addams's bio). They call Ida "mousy" in the movie. What the fuck is that about? Ida's hot. And she's hotter in...

... The Big Knife (1955), with Jack Palance. Can't say how many stars (see below). It's from a Clifford Odets play, and about the screw-you-over Hollywood studio system, with some mob stuff and infidelity stuff. At the beginning I was thinking it was probably the best "Big" movie so far, but I was falling asleep, so took a nap, and then sent it back to Netflix, forgetting I hadn't seen the ending. Ach, easy come, easy go. But, hey, fancy method actor types, I provoke you: Rod Steiger, Rod Schmeiger.

vjsmom read to me today from her computer that losing your nut, in the form of forgetfulness, is a symptom of chronic bronchitis. How about that? Not my fault!

Oooooh: how is Davi like the others who draw me in.... dang! Forgetfulness meets the lightbulb.

But I digress.

Big Bad Mama (1974) - 0.7 stars. Roger Corman production with Angie Dickinson, Tom Skerritt, and Wm Shatner. All .7 stars for seeing Capt Kirk be somebody else before he knew how big it was going to turn out to be to go back to being Capt Kirk. Yes, that's right---no stars for any of Angie's naked parts.

The Big Lebowski (1998) - 5 stars. Hilarious. Best laugh tonight: when the Dude goes to rub pencil over the notepad to see, in classic private-eye fashion, what the porn king had jotted down while on the phone before leaving the room. Funny DVD-only opener, too.

Finally (and how apropos), I just learned this abbr from discussion about Alison Bechdel's discussion about her blog's commenting community:


("too long; didn't read")

(Me, I do read ya'll's long ones. Just sayin'. Wax on, all ya'll.)

ida at camera ida head shot

ida in i bet it's lame wonder what lame is

ida concentrating
(the best shot)

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