'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,


I'm sick. Can't believe the fever hasn't broken; can't believe thre's no relief from the lung gunk. Feel like I'm breathing with a tenth of one lung (the right one, right now).

The only movie in the house I hadn't seen was Boomerang (Eddie Murphy) (c. 1998). It's the one that's famous for his explanation of which guys die in Star Trek. I imagine the poolroom scene in which Martin Lawrence explains the racism of 8-ball is well known as well. My favorite line, however, is when Eddie tells Halle Berry, "Aren't you listening to me? Cupid's got his foot up my ass." I really can think of no more apt way to put it.

Over in another lj blog I read---but not in public entries---is the unfolding story of the writer's love with new gf. Her first. It's got some of the elements of puppy love, but I don't scoff, won't scoff. I contain both. Glory be to the Cupid who isn't leaving fissures.

In more high-minded matters (wouldn't take much, I suppose), I did correct the lines from The Fallen Idol in my earlier post. "One another" is rather more ele-gant than "each other," isn't it.

Is it just me, or is it absolutely freezing in here?
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