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Some rookie Red Sock no-hit the O's last night, in just his second start. Here's the lad, one Clay Buchholz:

pic of rookie red sock

A coupla weeks ago the Orioles lost to the Texases, 30-3; first time since something like 1763 that a major league team gave up 30 runs. (The Hagerstown paper's headline chose to put it that the team had "held the Rangers to 30 runs.") Later in that homestand, in which the bullpen's ERA was pushin' 20.00, the O's were also swept in 4 games by Tampa Bay.

Poor Birds. If it's karma, that's some karma.

I suppose the bigger news to locals is that, just down the street yesterday afternoon, the mighty Wolverines were defeated by Appalachian State---which, forgive me, sounds like something you'd make up as the ultimate underdog school, does it not?

The Orioles have been no-hit 14 times, once before by a rookie in his second start----and I was at the ballpark that day, in 1991. It was Wilson Alvarez, with the White Sox. As it became clear what was going on, what was possible, you could feel the crowd come to root for both things: our fellas breaking it up so's to win the game AND that kid keeping this thing going. And, I swear, it didn't feel like that was just cuz it would be us being there for "history" (as if it's not history when it's 5-3 and called for rain in the 8th). Lotsa folks really seemed to feel happy for the guy, and he got a helluva hand afterwards. Baseball fans can be that way, though---applauding the other team's outfielder making a great catch, for instance.

On that no-hit day we had somehow gotten passes to this V.I.P. cocktail lounge, and Denise wanted to have a drink there, so part of the time we were in the strange world of the place you watch the game on TV at a bar inside the stadium where it's being played. Can't remember whether the TV announcers were respecting the broadcaster's code---which surely Jon Miller was---of saying what was happening but skirting around those jinxy words "no hitter."

It seems harder to follow baseball for me, these days. I don't have cable, don't get good enough reception most of the time to see the ball on regular TV, don't live in the city, don't love a guy doing the games on the radio, and don't have buddies who are playing along with following the game. But something's got me thinking I might tune in for this pennant race, or whatever they call it now that it includes the wild cards too. This shaking out of who makes the post-season. I mean, the Brewers are in the running. How often does that happen?

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