'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

We make one another.

In The Fallen Idol, young Phile (short for Phillipe; "e" silent) is talking to his favorite person & primary caretaker, Baines, about Baines's wife being a bad guy. And she is mean, it's true, and otherwise not so good either to this child or to Baines. But Baines---despite the kid's being way too young to get such an idea yet, along with all the other stuff he's not comprehending in the picture---speaks the big truth, nonetheless:

Baines:  There are faults on both sides, Phile. We don't have any call to judge. Perhaps she was what she was because I am what I am. We ought to be very careful, Phile. 'Cause we make one another.
Phile [sobbing]:  I thought God made us.
Baines:  Trouble is, we take a hand in the game.

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