'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

LR furniture

I can't seem to figure out the danged living room furniture.

We've got some women comin' over tomorrow night to teach me euchre (H. may learn but mainly wants to be a host and fuss over us) (I say, well, okay, FINE, if that's what you really want) (I'll put up with it because I know it makes you happy) (har de har), and, though we'll probably do that in the dining room, I had an idea I might finish the LR arrangement tonight. Got the big rug down the other day (with 2 big rug pads under it). Realized then that the couch couldn't stay where it was; it just didn't work. So tonight I got out the little map and have been moving a few things but mostly moving those little cut-out pieces of paper representing, to scale, all the stuff that will/may go in the LR.

Our original plan had been foiled by the presence of heating vents that would have been either behind the records (a no-no) or completely blocked off (undesirable during Michigan winter). We thought we'd regrouped, but no.

One of the tricks is that we want to have the couch facing the TV enough that it's comfortable to watch TV from the couch but we don't want the whole room to be oriented around the couch. That is, it needs to form, primarily, a talking circle, or semi-circle, for a handful of people (preferably with options to add more chairs and/or use floor space for sitting). And we haven't yet replaced our long stereo shelf and record storage unit. The piano is finally settled, we think, but the secretary is still up in the air. It needs to be someplace with a high ceiling, preferably with space for a chair in front for bill-paying.

I have a new game plan, but H. is out until late again (big union doings this week), and I've moved most of what I can move by myself. Guess it's time to go type a few thousand words into the NaCompleteShitWriMo file.

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