'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

public service announcement

You might wanna be careful for a few days. Watch your step; leave a good following distance; don't try to do three things at once if any of them are important. I don't know about the planets in general, but lately people in my universe seem to be having our challenges in daily functioning. Particularly around automobiles. More collisions and vandalism than breakdowns, too. Today, minutes after telling shmizla of vjsmom's mishap this afternoon, I rammed my car into said shmizla's, for a my-universe double whammy. Fortunately, that smash was at low speed, and no visible damage resulted. Earlier she and I had both slipped on the same wet spot on the floor, crashing to a pile-up like two dune buggies failing to make the same tight corner.

It's also been a time of multi-day hangovers, duckpin bowling ball theft, bizarrely lost keys, and surely a few other matters that contribute to a sense of barely-contained chaos. Time out of joint, by Hamlet's standards? Maybe not all that.

But it's just days until the undergrads swarm back. Could be this berg's just doing some collective intake of breath in preparation, and that sucking creates a low pressure mass that produces little storms around its edges.

Today, Sunday, smack dab in the Dog Days, it's been quite cold---had to close the windows at home against it overnight---and it's been raining one of those all-day rains you don't get in Maryland. Made for lousy truck loading this morning (goodbye, Frank & Bhavani). Meant to come home after my day in the world to hole up with DVDs and some warm beverage in the relative safety of the home, but I've futzed the evening away, and not nearly had my fill of chill.

Ran into S (so many "S" people) yesterday at TJ's (not so many of those). Left me confused. But not terribly uncomfortable with the confusion. So far.

I pretty much didn't write about her here at all last summer, did I. And ya'll probably think I just can't shut up about every little thing going on in my life. Har!

Here's a (rerun) piece on atheism from this week's "On the Media" (WNYC):
God No!
[spoiler warning: if you've not yet seen the whole run of "Dawson's Creek," you'll find out in this piece that the character Jen dies at the end]  [hahahaa]  [oh c'mon... i'm surely the only person reading here who's watched several episodes of that show]

The cultural demonization (chuckle) of atheists: an interesting topic. Reminds me of the fundies I once saw on Canadian TV complaining how they have very little influence on governmental matters (and my bitter laugh). Also reminds me of my surprise when scrawlspace first referred so openly at work, as she does, to her atheism. Unapologetic! Potentially controversial! Not whispering! I wasn't that far, then, from spending my days at my desk in the warehouse of the bookstore in Kansas, where, having to endure much conversational outrage at the ACLU's trying to secure the removal of the huge Ten Commandments recently installed in front of the courthouse, my bold response was to go quietly to the pinko commies' website and re-up my card-carrying status. Well, and order an ACLU cap. To be delivered to me at work. Where I then wore it. More than once. (Oooh.)
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