'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,


Got pages 7 through 14 of Rally's letter this morning. He survived the trip. What he was afraid some concerned citizen would do to him was attempt communication. haw!! That cracked my ass up. Quite the punchline when it comes days after the first part of the sentence.

In with his letter was a clipping from the (Wash) Post --- op ed about old-fashioned letter writing. Its springboard was the recent recovery of Hillary Clinton's college letters to a high school friend. There was a little ha-ha about those ("Since Xmas vacation, I've gone through three and a half metamorphoses"), some nostalgia for handwritten AND dot-matrix-printed epistles, and then at the end "Who knows why Hillary described herself as wearing 'a pair of dirty denim bell-bottoms, a never-ironed work shirt and a beautiful purple felt hat with a polka-dotted scarf streaming off it' or what she meant when she called herself a 'compassionate misanthrope.'" Who knows? I know. You know?

I have some thoughts about hangovers I may decide to share, if I get it together to get them together. (I can hear your clammoring; patience, all.)

Time to go to the office now, already. And it feels as if I've barely been home.

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