'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

now, in the category "things that would be big, wouldn't they," ...

i recently had a creature i loved killed before my eyes.

don't pish-posh that way of saying it, to comfort me, or whatever. i'm saying it that way on purpose.

i mean, people have sent me condolence cards. they only do that when it's big, right?

the vet's had a long handwritten paragraph telling me how not wrong it was what i did. which was the first time i really thought, as if out loud to myself, that it might have been. or how wrong it is, no matter how wrong it's not. to do that. like i did.

i think i kinda stopped processing it a day or two afterwards. might still owe a little something on that account, eh? (yes, it's possible i'm just over it. holy crap, who are you?)


in other things (that would be...), have had some really good talk. and good talk to have had. was gonna pull out the RL journal to talk about that, but haven't. so, i give you the following.

really good talk:  good.


the ol' vida's quite loca, i'm sure, i'm sure. but i may make the mattress by midnight...

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