'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

moon, no river

it’s late at night. i’m gonna upload this song that just came on shuffle and kinda hit the spot, and this link’ll work in the a.m., i hope, if i the upload takes & i manage to remember to update it before work:

.mp3  -->   "Warm Valley" -- Duke Ellington & co

its energy level matches mine just now, maybe. not completely laid back, but hardly peppy. a pretty slow, lazy kind of turn on the dance floor, this one musta made for. swaying. ordinary. not thinking much about what's going on.

the heat of the day is gone, and there's an occasional cool breeze, but it’s not exactly cold out yet, so “warm valley” kinda works that way too.

i hope i'm not all hungover at work in the morning. can't really call in, cuz the boss is out. no one to call in to, really.

rather a chock-full weekend.

i keep seeing a smiley guy in shades as the man in the moon in this icon shot. do you?

time to go see the insides of my eyelids, already.
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